How to Find the Right Employees for Your Construction Business

When you are the owner of your own construction company, you know how important it is to find trusted employees to help you get jobs done. You can’t complete projects all by yourself, so you know how vital it is to your organization to have skilled labor. When your enterprise is still quite new, you still may have things to learn about the human resources part of the business. There are many tools available out there to help you find the right people to help your company grow.

Design an Employment Application

The first step of finding people to employ in your construction business involves designing a usable employment application. It helps to make this available online so that you don’t have to front the cost to print paper applications. When people apply for a job online versus on a paper form, it makes it easier to read their information. Have a link available to show potential candidates whey they can submit their online application. Make sure the form includes an area for the applicant’s personal information as well as space to list their previous employment and any references they may have.

Administer a Test of Skills

Before you wish to bring a potential employee in for a face-to-face job interview, you should create a test to see what skills the person possesses. When you’re operating a construction business, you want to hire people who already have experience in the same field. If your employment application is already fully online, you should design a skill test to be completed after they apply for the job. Think about asking job-specific questions, and consider challenging their attitudes and beliefs about work in general.

Perform Your Due Diligence

When you’ve already reviewed the candidate’s application and skills test, you then want to follow through with the information you’ve been given. This means checking the person’s listed references, and also means calling the former employers. In this step, you will also perform a criminal background check on the candidate as well. Once you can determine that the person has the right skills, attitude, and experience for the construction job, and also has a clean criminal record, then you should move forward and offer them an interview.

There are many things you can do to find the right employees. Putting the time in to ask the right questions will pay off greatly in the long run.


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