Fix and Flip Residential Financing

Getting Financing for Your Franchise

Opening a franchise of any chain in any type of business is expensive. Green Wing Commercial Capital offers business financing of every type, including for people who are planning to operate a franchise.

Between the purchases of land, buildings, new construction, remodeling, and equipment, startup expenses can add up quickly. A new franchise should have everything it needs to be successful. We can prequalify you and process your loan quickly so you can get your business up and running.

What We Offer in Your Loan Program

Our franchise financing program is thorough enough to cover all of your lending needs. It includes all of the following:

  • Interest rates as low as 6%
  • Term lengths up to 25 years
  • No penalties for pre-payment
  • Loan-to-value ratios up to 90%
  • Commitments and closings that are fast
  • Available to first-time owners

How to Get Started with Your Franchise

Starting a franchise is an exciting time for a future business owner. It can be a great opportunity for success and earning a good living for supporting a family.

However, it takes a lot of cash to get to the grand opening. Green Wing Commercial Capital can help. Our franchise financing loan programs can cover everything you need with affordable interest rates. Contact us to get the money you need to put your business on the road to success.