Equipment Financing

Finance Your Equipment to Free up Capital

Are you looking for an equipment financing program that can provide you with up to $500,000 for your equipment needs? We have such a program here at Green Wing Commercial Capital. Through our equipment leasing and financing programs, you can finally get your hands on any type of equipment your business needs. From bulldozers to printers, we finance practically any type of equipment large and small businesses require to operate.

Program Information

Our equipment financing programs are diverse and can meet many different needs. Here’s what you should know about each of our programs and their benefits.

  • Second Chance Programs: Is your credit score less than ideal? We offer a second chance financing program for credit profiles all the way down to D. These programs give businesses an opportunity to get back on their feet after tough economic times.
  • Government and Municipal Leasing Programs: We offer government and municipal equipment leasing programs to any state or federal government or municipal agency. Examples include public schools, armed services, libraries, and police departments. We guarantee approval to entities such as these through our government and municipal leasing programs.
  • Startup Programs: Sometimes, new businesses need a little help getting through the first few years of operation. If your new business needs equipment but you can’t afford it, we invite you to apply for our startup equipment leasing program.
  • Sale and Lease Back Programs: Our sale and lease back program is a way for businesses to get working capital while leveraging the equipment they own, without divesting. We’ll buy your equipment from you, then immediately lease it to you. You’ll never lose access to the equipment and you’ll be the owners of it once again when your lease term is up.

We specialize in financing and leasing programs to help businesses get the equipment they need to ensure long-term success. Contact Green Wing Commercial Capital today to start the application process.